we all need some inspiration

A number of couples have shared their stories with us at Couples Against Pornography. They are excited to share what they have learned and help others feel greater hope:

When Liesel and I began working together to fight pornography, we wanted to see one thing more than anything else: success stories. We wanted to see that other couples had gone through what we were going through, that they had put their heads down and kept moving forward, and that they were finding success together. Sadly, especially at that time, success stories were much less prevalent than the heart wrenching stories of failure we found littered across the Internet.

Reading about failure wasn’t exactly very encouraging. We understood that when dealing with such a difficult problem in their relationship many couples needed an outlet to vent. And venting is what we saw. So many people on the internet wrote about how their marriages were falling apart; how their spouses had given up on improving themselves; and how they saw no way to successfully fight engrained pornography habits or addiction.

But we knew there had to be people out there finding success in their fight. We yearned for stories from couples walking the same path we were on, mostly because we wanted to learn from what they were doing. How did these couples communicate? How did they rebuild trust? How did they fight relapse? How did they find healing, both physically and emotionally?

Luckily, we have met some great people over the years who taught us what they were doing to build their relationships, despite a history of pornography. These people showed us what it meant to keep working together each day, to plan together, talk together, help each other, and encourage each other.

None of these people would tell us they had succeeded (past tense) but that they were finding success (present tense) as they rode the rollercoaster up and down through life together. They were successful not because they were done fighting, but because they had both committed to moving forward each day, the best they could, together no matter how difficult. They were and are great examples to us, because they have shown us there is hope.

There is hope for reducing, and even largely eliminating, the cravings for pornography. There is hope for rebuilding trust and opening the lines of communication between partners. There is hope for parents as they look to teach their children, by word and example. There is hope for families to feel at peace and build happy, fulfilling lives together.

Couples Against Pornography is about these and so many other couples’ stories. So many couples are climbing the mountain of recovery. That mountain is not an easy one to climb.  Sometimes we stumble, we slip, we fall. But so long as we are determined to continue climbing, we can make great progress towards the top. Learning from others is a great way to absorb the techniques, confidence, and motivation to keep climbing.

To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.
— Tony Dorsett

We need your positive stories! If you have a story that might help, inspire, or motivate others in their fight against pornography, please share it with us. Our collective wisdom and encouragement is crucial to couples looking for hope as they fight pornography. Email us at couplesagainstpornography@gmail.com or fill out the form below. We will always contact you prior to publishing your story here (and you are welcome to remain anonymous).